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If you’ve ever looked into hair extensions, you’ve come across the newest, most innovative, and natural approach. Beaute by Brit is one of a handful of local artists specializing in this technique that’s revolutionizing the industry and enhancing people’s lives with confidence and renewed beauty. So, if you’re looking for overnight longer length, more voluminous style, and premium quality, then you are ready to invest in the best. From consultation to styling, Brittney ensures that you love your NBR (Natural Beaded Row) extensions. Are you ready for all the attention and compliments?

Whether you wear from one to three rows, the difference is immediate and noticeable. One of the best parts of this exclusive hair extension technique is that there are fewer contact points. As a result, you will avoid the hair damage that can occur with other extension methods. There is no need to use tape, glue, or heat. So, it is neither messy, nor time-consuming. You will walk out with natural-looking hair that can be washed, tied, or styled in whichever way you like.

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When you go in for NBR extensions, Brittney will install hand-tied weft rows of hair arranged in a horseshoe shape around your head using fixed beads & thread. The number and length of the wefts will vary to achieve your desired look, based on the existing texture, density, and volume. These wefts are precision dyed to match the custom color of your hair so they seamlessly blend in. If you find yourself struggling, with finer/shorter sides, one to two rows is a popular option.

At Beaute by Brit, we design custom color for your hair and wefts to achieve the perfect result. We start with your complimentary consultation to discuss the process and answer any questions you may have. Are you ready?

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